Part 38: Clocks ticking & the countdown to jail is on…….

I mean Tango was very cute and completely different to Sophie, you couldn’t have met to more completely polar opposites – Tango knew about Sophie , but Sophie knew nothing about Tango apart from she was a receptionist where I worked……..

Part 37: This time I’m convinced that I’m going to jail…….

They told me that they didn’t actually think that it was me who’d stolen the car, they were convinced that I’d just bought a cloned car. Dam, if only I’d known then what I know now……..

Part 36: Dave, don’t tell them anything…But I don’t know anything!

Now while I’m talking to this Cop, the others are all over my car, the bonnet lid is up they seem to be very interested in something inside there. “IT’S STOLEN” was all I heard next…………


“AND IF RICHARD WOULD LIKE TO EXPLAIN WHY HE’S BEEN STEALING MONEY FROM MY POCKET” and as he finished the last word he darted towards me……

Part 34: Still living on the edge……

After the girls had finished looking, one of their boyfriends came up to me and said, ‘that’s not new paint work, you can see that this car has been through a car wash’ and then proceeded to point out the swirl marks where the brushes had scratched the paint!!!

Part 33: Out with the Old in with the New

Anyone who knows anything about cars would be able to tell from the number plate that something was not quite right but if I put a private number plate on, for example RIH 7423, then no one could tell how old the car was, I could have just bought a new car and put a private plate on it, genius or so I thought…….

Part 32: Teach them a lesson……who was I kidding??

Julie had seen me take the key and when we drove off she asked me what was I going to do with it?? I looked at her, smiled and calmly replied ‘teach them a lesson’………..

Part 31: I let the woman of my dreams slip through my hands……

I don’t think that I’ve ever moved so quickly in my life, grabbing hold of his wrist as firmly as I could, pushing his arm away from me with this pointy object protruding out of it……..

Part 30: 5 girls ask 1 guy – do you want to move in……hmmmmm?

So on the last day of the training course, I was told to report to the managers office. As I walked in, a group of senior staff members were standing around in there, this scenario in my life is starting to become just a little bit too familiar……..

Part 29: This criminal behavior has got to stop soon……..hasn’t it???

The Policeman stopped the tape there and then looked at me and said, we’ve got this all on CCTV, you’re going down for a long time……..