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PART 56: I blinked and £150,000 just disappeared!

……..So I’d met this girl, Georgie in a nightclub in Essex, a County where the girls are renowned for being open about sex, but this girl was different…and when I say different, I mean DIFFERENT!

……..I think we know the story about Georgie don’t we??? Starts off great and ends horribly (we’ve probably almost all beeen in a relationship like this and some are probably still in one)…..but I’ll go into more gory details in a while, as I know that’s what you love.

So this is my past that made me what I am today, I’ve had a lot of experiences throughout my life with other people, I wish I’d met Beth first because everything that I’ve done before I met her, would have been so much better with her! I’ve been a very bad person and hurt a lot of people throughout my life – now all I want to do is give back and help people and do it with the best person in my life……and that’s you Beth (my soon-to-be wife as I proposed a few weeks back) I love you baby, but this is what got me here today with you – I know how much you hate reading about my X’s – as I would yours – so I’ll make it brief.

The week after Georgie and I met, she went to Ibiza for a week. Georgie was a good looking girl with big boobs, a great personality and fun to be with…and she was going to Ibiza for a week with her girl mate……doesn’t sound good for me, does it!!

While she was away, we text every day, just saying hi, nothing really too much….well I didn’t want to get my hopes up and then find out she’d met someone else on the sun-kissed island of Ibiza with all its gorgeous people (as you’ve read before, I had a place with Sophie in Ibiza, so I know what goes on there).

The day before she left Ibiza, she sent me a text and it read…..’I can’t wait for you to find my white bits!!’ Needless to say, she landed back in the UK and sex was fantastic…..I don’t need to go into details do I, all I need say was I found the white bit!

For the first month, things were great, but I think my problem is, I’m too open and honest for my own good….so I told her all about my past, my life and what got me to that point in my life with her! Now that’s good, I think to be open like that but the trouble is, I didn’t know about her life and experiences with other people and how they had affected her, to get her to where she was in her life!

Now, her Mum and Dad were complete cunts, she’d also been with a boyfriend who doted on her for most of her life, I think it was because of him that she had a boob job and so her insecurities grew too! This girl did not trust me, she didn’t trust me around other women, if there was a gay guy she didn’t trust him around me, she thought that I was there to fuck anyone and anything – and she had nothing to base this on, apart from what I’d told her in my past.

This is how crazy it was for me, I remember being in the car with her one day and I had to stop at the red traffic light. All of a sudden these when two girls crossed in front of the car and as they did, Georgie slapped me across the face so hard and started to scream at me ‘what the fuck are you looking at these girls for!!’ Now, I swear on my life, I didn’t even notice these girls crossing. I’ve walked around the red light district in Amsterdam many times and not once have I ever looked in a window and never would – I just couldn’t bring myself to look, I have no interest!

In order to avoid problems in a relationship, I believe that you need to understand your partner inside out first, so that you can help prevent any major problems, like I had! The trouble is, you begin to feel like a social worker but if you want that perfect relationship, it’s well worth it when it’s right – and that’s the trouble, you never know it’s right until you’ve tried!

I was in a really bad place when I was with Georgie, the business was on a decline, I couldn’t focus properly on it, I couldn’t go away on business trips, obviously Georgie wasn’t happy if I went away as she would think I was getting up to all sorts of things with other girls. My business was built upon me and my relationship with my customers, they wanted me to go and see them, which was how I’d been so successful and now it just wasn’t worth the aggro if I went….and so business suffered.

My company was struggling, I couldn’t be bothered to put the time in, as I felt drained every day and so it started to lose money. I looked for a solution and that was to try and sell it to a similar company and stay on as a director, which I managed to do – I won’t bore you with how I did this but I got a good deal, they paid off the company debts of about £75,000 and I was kept on as a director. I think I lasted about 3 months and decided to quit.

I came out of the company with about £150,000 which is a lot of money but let me tell you, it soon goes….I remember my bank calling me up and saying, ‘we’re really worried about your spending Mr Pierce’ I was like, who the fuck are you to call me up and tell me you’re worried! I think I had 50k in my bank left and they’d seen how fast I was going through it……looking back I wish I’d listened as that money soon went…..soon after that my beautiful Porsche 911 cabriolet went, I had no home to call my own and life really started to go into a decline……


  1. A


    I’ve been reading your blog the last 2 days and I am absolutely hooked! I was a bit confused about the last entry as you went from a party in 2000 to suddenly being married and ending the relationship which seemed like a huge jump. Sometimes we need to see the good in order to appreciate the bad and vice versa. I would be interested to hear the positive as the breakup was glossed over, despite it being painted as something that almost killed you, but the relationship leading to you considering throwing yourself in front of a train seemed worse. I suppose life is all about the duality of dark and light.

    I eagerly await your next post as I haven’t read anything about the cannabis farm yet. Haha, morbid fascination I guess.

    You have referenced that this is a book in previous posts, have you released it or similar as I really want to read the rest as it’s very exciting and I’m disappointed to learn that I must wait.

    There is a great deal for anyone to learn in this story, even people who haven’t lead a life like your own.
    There is an epidemic of people who cannot process consequence in this world and I often wonder why. Does passive parenting play a part? Do we need discipline? What really sorts the “bad eggs” from the “good eggs”? Is it truly just circumstance or as the protagonist in our own stories, do we unconsciously make those bad decisions?
    After all, all the people who you went to prison with or got in trouble with, were once babies who waited for the world to program their views.

    I’m just a law abiding citizen with an interest in what shapes us as individuals.

    Thank you for sharing what you have so far.

    • Rich

      well thanks so much for taking the time out to write, I am so glad you like it. I’ve only brushed over certain experiences in my life because, if I’m honest, people don’t really want to read about breakups… you, they want to read about drugs, deaths and bad incidents – breakups are things that men don’t really talk about, especially if it involves crying or worse, suicide!
      I have written the book, I just haven’t published it yet – thought I’d see if anyone was interested in it first before I put more effort into getting the right publisher.
      I can’t explain why people can’t process consequence but for me, I’ve always known the difference between right and wrong….but I find age plays a great part in how you deal with the consequences that you create along your journey in life.
      I’m writing this so that I hope I can help a few people not make the same mistakes that I have – even though I wouldn’t change a thing, I deal with things differently to the way that a lot of people may deal with them- although my journey has been fun, it certainly has not been an easy one!
      May you have a fantastic 2018 and hope you enjoy the rest of this as it unfolds…..

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