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Part 30: 5 girls ask 1 guy – do you want to move in……hmmmmm?

So on the last day of the training course, I was told to report to the managers office. As I walked in, a group of senior staff members were standing around in there, this scenario in my life is starting to become just a little bit too familiar……..

I was asked to take a seat and after a few minutes, one of them said, we don’t think you’ll make a very good flight attendant and that was it, I was sacked. I looked at him and said in a very camp voice, ‘why, because I can’t say Tea/Coffee?’  and off I went, demoralized that I’d wasted yet another good opportunity to live a, dare I say it, a straight life!


Obviously I kept in contact with a lot of the girls from the course and after they’d all got their wings, a badge that proves they are flight attendants, they decided it would be a great idea to rent a large house together. They asked me if I’d like to move in with them, after weeks of thinking about it, I said yes…….obviously it didn’t take me weeks to decide, it was a split second decision before I said YES, every boys dream!

detached home

We found a 5 bedroom, fully furnished house in the countryside. It was a massive stunning home in a nice quite private road in the middle of no where, huge garden with outbuildings and a large driveway, for the many cars that we were going to have parking there. Five girls moved in and me, I shared the master bedroom with a girl called Julie (not her real name), she was from just outside Glasgow. Now she could easily have been a page 3 model, I think that was her secret ambition, she’d had topless photos done before by some seedy little man. Anyway, she was a real character, to say the least, she definitely had a past which she kept very quiet but she was the most amount of fun, oh and she was a real gold digger too. She spoke her mind, men would fall at her feet and she new exactly how to play them – I think if I’d been a girl, I’d have been just like her, that’s why we got on so well. We were just great mates, she wasn’t my type, caked herself in make-up but we went everywhere together when she wasn’t flying….I’ll tell you more about the trouble we got into later…..

Now Julie never told me she had a boyfriend and I found out in a rather awkward way. I came home one day from work, I’d got a job with a local Estate Agents and when I walked into the kitchen there was a guy standing in there. I introduced myself as he did me, Gary, was not his real name. We chatted for a bit, he asked me if I flew for Virgin and I explained my story, he then asked me where did I sleep. I told him I shared the room with Julie……to say that he wasn’t impressed would be an understatement. He stormed off and all I could hear was a lot of shouting and arguing, although we shared a room we weren’t an item, we were like brother and sister, but he couldn’t get his head round that.

Me and the girls used to go off up to Stringfellows in London a couple of times a month on a Saturday night, which was a really popular nightclub back in the 80’s. I’d turn up with 4 gorgeous girls and the bouncers would let us walk straight in, never had to pay or queue. In fact, I never had to pay for anything, guys would swarm around these girls and be buying them champagne and the girls would always make sure that I was included, I was part of the package. These blokes would buy me drinks anyway, as I had all these girls they thought that the best way to get in with them was through me.


Sometimes Julie and I would go up to London on our own. I remember one night, Julie was talking to this older guy, she was really pissed and the next minute, this guy has pulled out photos and started to show me him having sex with these girls, it was very weird. Anyway, as the night went on Julie slurred that she wanted to give this guy a lift back to his house. She drove a Totota MR2, which if you know the car, it only has two seats and I was quite pissed so didn’t really fancy driving this guy back with Julie sitting on his lap.

I’ve got to admit that I wasn’t too happy about this situation, after looking at some of these photos, I was imagining that when we got back to his, I was probably going to be tied up and she was going to get raped OR she was going to get tied up and I was going to get raped……..(that reminds me of another story that I’d missed out, I’ll write that in a moment after this one).

drunkNext minute, me, Julie and this weird bloke that Julie wanted to give a lift home too, were all crammed into this little Toyota and he was driving, Julie was slumped, out cold on top of me in the passenger seat. All of these thoughts were going through my head, I was trying to think of a way to get out of this if it turned nasty. As he drove up to this lavish apartment block in the newly developed Docklands, we pulled up to this barrier. This guy driving, reached into his pocket, my eyes watching very carefully every movement that he made, when suddenly he pulled out this large thin object from his jacket pocket. I don’t think that I’ve ever moved so quickly in my life, grabbing hold of his wrist as firmly as I could, pushing his arm away from me with this pointy object protruding out of it……..


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