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Part 22: Who is there to really guides us through life?

Stop and think for a moment – Who do you know that’s close to you that may need your help?


We rush around every day, living our hectic lives but do we ever stop to think about the people who are really close to us that could use our guidance?

How many of us really spend time trying to understand and listen to the people who cry out everyday for our help?

I know that when I was a child, even an adult come to think of it, I could have been helped and even saved from the life that I have led. At the end of the day, I should have been strong enough to do it on my own but I wasn’t – and I believe that there are so many people out there who, like me, need a few minutes of your time – which in the long-run could make a massive difference to their future.

People don’t ask for help but they do give off signals every day that they need it!

Drug addict

Have you ever wondered why someone is aggressive or drinks too much, takes too many drugs, cheats on their partner, steals, is moody or is just introverted? There’s a reason behind why people act the way they do – and most of us just ignore these signs and put them down as just being that way, because that is just the way that they are!

That is not the way that they are, it’s just a way that they deal with the situation. If we really bothered to spend some time listening to them, trying to find out the reason why they behave the way they do, then I believe, you could save a their life or may be even an innocent persons life who crosses theirs some day!


By making time for people you can change the way that they view life – so try not to be too selfish and make time for someone who could really use some of your experience…….you never know, one day it may be you that needs them!

Please SHARE the LINK and show that you REALLY CARE about someone other than yourself………let’s try and make a difference!


  1. carine

    What goes round comes round. Revenge for me means waste of time and money. I lost more the last 10 years by fighting for what is mine. than winning something out of it. Another mistake and decision. I could have saved a lot. I am not spending any more money on thatfor now but started travelling again. The property for what supposed to be mine is in the end for the children anyway and probably I will end up living in a caravan. Happy and satisfied !

  2. carine

    Exactly, behaviour explains a lot ! People mostly turn their back on you when you are getting in trouble or misery. Only the good will stay. Own experience : when I needed my best friend which I knew since we were 5 of 6 y from school she chose to help the ‘ennemy’ in stead of me. And you know why ? I didn’t have as much to offer than my ennemy at that time. She even wrote it down and protected and defended my ennemy. She act as a witness but protected the other party. I can assure you this hurts a lot. After years she needed help well I only smiled and went on. She is not happy know , divorced, financial problems and i heard became a alcoholic too.
    If she should return to me I probably help her but no way I will ever forget the fact that she let me down, een now and the story happenend 12 years ago.

    • Rich

      A hard lesson to learn Carine – I’ve had people do the same thing – I lost £12,000 to someone a few years ago – I could have easily got revenge but the way I looked at it was, 12k is cheap to get someone out of my life for good – it’s less than £500 a year – and they will get what’s coming to them one day – just look at the woman who hurt you for example…….think positive and life will always work out just fine – but for those people, well they will always live in fear!

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