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Part 5: Some background history…..

How did I end up here?? I think the question should be when would I, not how as it was inevitable……

I’ve got no memories of the journey back to the Police station, I think the officers were very pleasant to me – I say that because, from my past experiences with the Police, they’re always very nice at the beginning.

Upon arrival at the Police station, I was taken to an interview room to be questioned about what had just happened. I do recall the Police officer asking me if I wanted to call anyone, I don’t remember him saying did I want to call a Lawyer. I think they were seeing if I had family or friends who could come down and comfort me, as they could see how distressed I was.

Girl silhouette

At this point in my life I was dating a girl called Sophie (not her real name). She was a beautiful, lovely, kind, gentle soul – heaven on earth knows why she was with me. Sophie came from a very good background, her late father invented the cold re-refrigerated container that goes onto the back of lorries and then can be lifted onto cargo ships. She was rich, rich beyond most peoples comprehension and the beautiful thing was, you’d never have known it. I’ll go into her a little bit more along the way, just giving you an idea of the girl I was involved with at the time and how settled I WAS!

I called Sophie, again I don’t remember the exact words that I said but she came pretty dam quickly to the Police station, which was only 5 minutes from where I lived and from the scene of the accident. I remember her cuddling me as I sobbed onto her shoulder, she stroked my hair and told me over and over again, ‘you didn’t mean to do it, you didn’t mean to do it’.

For those that know me, I’ve never been straight forward, I put that mildly – but there are always two sides to every story. I’ve got to try and tell you the other side too – and this will not put me in good light.

I’ve driven cars since I was a young boy of 5 or 6, always had a fascination with them. My mother used to sit me on her lap and let me drive up the road as a kid, I don’t think she ever realised the nightmare that she was unleashing by doing so and I’m sure if she had, she’d have made me ride a bicycle everywhere, in fact she’d have banned me from even stepping foot in a car. My uncle came round once in his yellow ford cortina and took me to the local shops in his car, letting me sit on his lap and steer…..I’m not blaming anyone else for my actions in life, my parents only had the greatest intentions for me but…..give the devil a weapon and be sure he’ll use it. I was quite an angelic kid, so they probably thought there’s no harm in what they were doing.

Car in fileld

We had automatic transmission cars so they were very easy to drive and we were very fortunate to own a field. So when I’d go up on weekends to the field with my mum and sisters, whilst they mucked the horses out, I’d potter around in the car. At about the age of 9 I pestered my mother into teaching me how to drive a manual car – I know for sure that she lived to regret that decision when I got older.

Even though I could drive their cars unsupervised, I never did, as I said I was an angelic child, I loved playing with my airfix models, toy cars and soldiers, as any young boy did. But at the age of 13 life started to change quite dramatically for me. I didn’t fit into the school where my brother had been, he was head boy and me and him are completely different. Of course because of the position that he held in the school, everyone thought that I was going to be the same and I was FAR from it. Anyway, Dad had changed jobs, money wasn’t quite what it had been and so after one term at this school I was pulled out.

It was a private school that I’d been in and now I found myself in a comprehensive school at the end of the 3rd year. For some reason I was allowed to go to the last 2 weeks of term, to settle me in I presume. I’d been at a previous school with a boy who now went to this state school and so they put me and him in the same tutorial group, so that at least I knew someone. Now Bates (not his real name) is my oldest friend to date, we went to nursery school at the age of 3 but that and pool are the only similarities we share, to be honest, we come from very different planets, I love him with my whole heart but that’s just how it is. In Bates tutor group was a chap called Matt (not his real name), now Matt was one of the hardest kids in the school – I had no idea about this when I arrived but i soon found out.

There I was, out on the school playing field, talking to this girl called Vicky (not her real name), but that is neither here nor there, she was a good looking girl, I remember that much. The private school I came from had only a handful of girls where as, this school was teaming with them, not that I’d had much experience with girls at this point anway. It was  a lot for me to take in arriving at this school, I wasn’t having to board, we went home at 3.30pm, I didn’t have to be there on weekends and there were lots of girls. Remember, I’d been playing with toy soldiers up to this point in my life!


Anyway, Vicky and I were chatting but when we turned round, it seemed that the whole school had congregated behind us – how was I supposed to know that this was Matts girlfriend…..


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