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Part 17: Have you experienced anything like me? If so SHARE this site……

We’ve all been caught, had a lucky escape or know someone who needs help……

Do you know someone like me??? If you do, SHARE this with your friends on SOCIAL MEDIA sites – I have LIVE CHAT completely ANONYMOUS for those who want to remain so.

My life is an open book, I have nothing to hide, I can’t change the past only the future. I’ve experienced the following, may be you have or you know someone who has – so SHARE it and may be we can make a difference – it’s never too late to change your life or somebody else – we may even save an innocent life in the process!

Killed a man

Been to Jail

Multiple Car Crashes

Excessive Drug  Taking / Selling / Growing

breaking law


Violence/Aggressive behaviour

Almost Raped as a boy

Difficult Relationship Break-ups

Speeding / Driving Bans


Criminal Courts

Attempted Manslaughter


Business Start-Ups

Sacked from every job

Trouble at school

Rule Breaking


There’s a reason why we behave the way that we do in life so if you know someone like me, SHARE this site with them, get them to sign up, it’s FREE – let’s make a difference to your life or someone else today.

Thanks for your continued support……



    • Rich

      Matt…..don’t know what to say, thanks a million, you’ve been a real inspiration and help getting me started – I don’t think I’d have done it without you – and I know how busy you are… thanks – long life and happiness my friend.

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