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Part 19: Ever had a really tough break up?

Be interested to hear some of the rough relationship break-ups that you may have gone through……..

Upset young woman sitting with her husband in the background
Sometimes it seems like there is just no way back……

What happened, how did you got through it, how long did it take to move forward? Lots of people really struggle……may be you can help them by sharing your experiences…….you can remain anonymous if that helpz?


  1. Jo

    The worst break up I had in my life was losing my father. I was only 19 and in this whirlwind of teenage life, trying to fit in, trying to find my place in life ..just trying to understand me and with my brother, who was tough, so very tough, we muddled on. He was tough, only because he/we were just so devastated and he was protecting me, still does. Didn’t make me strong, but I learnt through a Father figure. Not good… always be you, never be manipulated no matter how much money they have. That break up was tough, and took a very long manipulative time. Older and power and hurt, he was my world.. Just wish I could have ridden more horses and cuddled on the sofa whilst he was writing his next piece for the London Evening Standard…..

    • Rich

      Yeah sorry I’ve taken ages to reply Jo- it must have been very difficult for you at such a young age. I lost my Dad last year but I had many years with him, getting to know him, I can’t imagine how hard that must have been. My girlfriend lost her mum in her 20’s and she was devastated, still is and my first girlfriend lost her mum at 13, that must have been real hard, although she never ever spoke about it – I wish I’d been more mature to have been able to talk to her about it. I once said to her, if she’s not careful I’ll tell her mum, I didn’t mean to say mum, it just came out and she told me to shut up!You can’t change the past, you have the memories or your dad and that’s all you can hold on to – but that doesn’t help when you’re young and you lose a parent, that much I know. If I were you, stop feeling guilty of the things you didn’t do with him and be thankful for the things that you did do.

    • Rich

      Yes, I couldn’t have put it better myself….although less crying and more building bridges and walking over them:)

  2. Anon

    I broke up with my husband after 7 years together, he went off with another woman and I’m heart broken. I struggle every today to deal with it as we have 2 children. I’m 36 and feel worthless he left me not being able to trust anyone and if it wasn’t for my girls I think I’d have killed myself by now. I’m so sad.

    • Rich

      Life to short to think about killing yourself, what you going to do when you’re dead – how dull will that be? I too was in a similar situation once, split from a girl and couldn’t see my life without her – thought of jumping in front of the next train for a split second and then came to my senses. Think of all the people that love you that you’d leave behind….that’s not fair.
      This guy was too weak to be able to talk to you and say that things weren’t working, instead, he found another woman and chose the cowards way out, like a lot of people, they are just weak. The sooner you can clear your mind of this waste of space the sooner your life will move forward. Learn to like you again, you’re not worthless, he just didn’t go about leaving you the right way.
      Don’t go to places you used to go with him, don’t watch TV shows that you used to watch together and don’t listen to music that reminds you of him…..I promise you that in no time at all, you’ll move forward and all he will be is a distant memory and just a father to your kids.
      Stay positive, a positive mind is an amazing healer. One trick I learnt was, sit down and think of a time when you were the happiest that you’ve ever been. Sit and imagine that you were in that place now. Whenever you think dark thoughts, take yourself immediately back to that happy place and clear the dark thoughts out of your mind – around the corner could be the man of your dreams, if that is what you want. Time heals everything – only 70 years ago we were killing Germans, now look at us, best friends:)
      I hope this helps, it’s only my opinion, happy 2015

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