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Part 24: And now the end is near and so I face, the final curtain…….

My clock was ticking and I’m about 1 month away from my own private episode of Seconds from Disaster…..

London city

I’d been sacked from this amazing job in the City, well I say it was amazing but as a young impressionable kid in the Big Smoke, to me, it was back then and getting sacked from it, well it knocked me a little. I was gutted, I loved working there, great money, great work but eventually I picked myself up after a few days and then immediately started looking for another job, nothing was going to keep me down.

So I had an idea, I walked into another recruitment company that was in the same street as the last one and told them that I could set up a legal recruitment department within their company, which they agreed that I could. It didn’t happen over night, I saw them a few times before I talked them into it. So I started working for me, in their company, building up my business with my clients that I’d taken from the last job, obviously Maxine came with me + a few other clients.


Now just after I’d been sacked, I’d popped back down to Sussex to see my friends and family and while I was there I’d met this gorgeous Italian exchange student called Marina Poggi (obviously not her real name). She had dark skin, stunning looking and a figure, oh a figure that you just can’t take your eyes off and the best part was her broken, very sexi English accent, so cute. So I used to drive from London to Sussex every night to see her, well she wasn’t going to be over in the UK for long so, I wanted to make the most of it.

I was getting up early in the morning to go to work during the day and then driving from London to Brighton every night and then driving back to London in the early hours, I didn’t think that it was having an effect on me. When you’re young, you are oblivious to the dangers of doing too much in a short space of time.


It was August 21st 1989, and upon arriving into the office, one of the girls was talking about how terrible it was that so many young people had died on some boat. Not having any idea what she was talking about, she came over and showed me the picture of this London Party river boat that had been involved in an accident and had killed loads of people as it sank, it was called the Marchioness. This boat had been travelling up and down the Thames in London with people partying on it when all of a sudden, it had been hit by a much larger boat that hadn’t seen it and sank immediately, taking many youngsters down with it who were trapped inside.

I remember thinking how awful that is, one minute you’re having the time of your life and then the next, your dead – that’s how clean cut it can be sometimes. OK, the people who died don’t know anything about it but all the families left behind, how tragic that must be. Anyway, I got through the days work, said goodbye and headed off to Brighton to see my Italian friend.


It was a beautiful night, the sun was still out in Brighton and we sat on the beech for as long as we could, chatting as best as we could. Even though there was a language barrier, we still understood each other completely. We headed off to an Italian restaurant for dinner and then at around 12.30 I got into my car to drive back to London. At the time, I had a left hand drive Golf GTi MK1, it was old but it did the job and I gave Marina a lift back to where she was staying. This was the first night that we’d properly kissed as we said goodbye, she planted a smacker right on my lips, taking me totally by surprise – I wouldn’t say I was shy back then, just not as forward as I am now but I reciprocated in a very generous manor.

As she got out of the car, I watched her walk slowly back to the hotel where she was staying, she turned round, winked at me and put her hand to her lips and blew me a kiss, I headed off up the road thinking, great I’m in there – and that was the last time I ever saw her………..

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