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It all happens for a reason, you may not understand why at the time…..but you will some day!


My name is Rich, people say I’m very lucky but I like to think it’s because I have a positive attitude to life – doesn’t matter how bad things get, stay positive and it will get better……

So this is my story, hopefully, after reading about my life, either you or someone you know may benefit from not making some of the wrong choices that I’ve made throughout my 45 years – but let me tell you this, if you do make a wrong choice, it’s not the end of the world. The way I deal with it is in the following way:-

1. I learn from it

2. I make the best of it with a positive attitude

3. But most importantly I get over it as quickly as I can.

I’ve basically been a bit of an idiot, no I rephrase that, I’ve been a total idiot my whole life. Coming from a middle class background, I was more fortunate than many people in life, I just went off the rails, in a big way. You see, I’ve been in trouble from a young age with the Police, killed a man in a car accident, been to jail, cheated on girlfriends, stolen cars, motorbikes and a lot more but I turned my life around at 45, so it’s never too late to make something of yourself!

You have to remember that the only person who suffers when you’re at your lowest point is YOU – the sooner we dust ourselves down and pick ourselves up, the quicker life will get back on track….and it always does I promise. If I’ve learnt anything it’s always be positive, no matter how bad things are…..tomorrow is another day.

Have a good life, you may only get one chance at it – so why waste such a great thing…….blue skies forever x

(I value comments that anyone has to make, good or bad I will publish everything – I’m saying it as it is and that’s how I want it to be from you too. There is LIVE CHAT or just post a comment. If you know of anyone who is going off the rails, please share this with them – I’ll try to help them avoid some of the dark places that I’ve visited in my life if I can)

Thanks for reading……

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